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Tobacco business licence

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Usually construction enterprises to contract projects, they need to apply for relevant qualifications to the relevant government。As everyone knows,Qualification plays an indelible role in an enterprise,In the construction industry,Construction qualification is even more important for enterprises,Building qualification determines the future development of this enterprise,It is about the credibility of the enterprise,Enterprise management qualification one is to receive more projects,The second is to be recognized by the society。Therefore, as a developing enterprise, if you want to receive a larger project, you must handle the construction qualification, because only the qualification is the proof of the strength of the construction enterprise。So what Xiaohui shares today is the standard that tobacco business qualification needs to meet。

1. Application scope

(1) Enterprises or individuals newly engaged in the retail business of tobacco products。

2. Enterprises or individuals that need to be extended upon expiration of the validity period of the license。

2. Handling organs

An enterprise or individual applying for a new tobacco monopoly retail license shall file an application with the tobacco Monopoly Bureau in the place where its business premises are located。

3. Certification conditions

According to Article 9 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Tobacco Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China, the following conditions shall be met to obtain a tobacco monopoly retail license:

(1) Having funds suitable for the retail business of tobacco products;

2, have a fixed place of business;

3, meet the requirements of reasonable layout of tobacco products retail points;

(4) Other conditions stipulated by the department of tobacco Monopoly Administration under The State Council (the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration)。

4. Submit materials

1, "Tobacco monopoly Retail License Application (Renewal) Approval Form";

2, a copy of the industrial and commercial business license;

3, legal representative (responsible person) or operator ID card copy;

4, a copy of the license (new business does not need to submit)。

5. Certificate handling procedures


The application form can be obtained from the tobacco monopoly Bureau in the place where the business is located。

The applicant enterprise or individual can directly submit the "Tobacco Monopoly Retail License Application (License Renewal) Approval Form" and other application materials to the Licensing office of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau where the business is located。


In the process of acceptance,If the applicant's application matters fall within the statutory scope of authority of the tobacco Monopoly Bureau at the same level,The application materials are complete and in accordance with the legal form,Or the applicant has submitted all the supplementary and corrected application materials as required,Tobacco monopoly bureaux at all levels shall accept the case,The Notice of Acceptance of Administrative License stamped with special seal shall be served on the applicant;inadmissible,The tobacco monopoly bureaux at all levels shall be responsible for serving the Notice of Refusal to accept the Administrative License stamped with the special seal on the applicant。

3. On-site verification

After accepting the application, the tobacco monopoly Bureau at all levels will assign more than two staff members to the business site for verification, check whether the application content is consistent with the actual situation, and submit the verification results according to the requirements of the local reasonable layout。


The examiners of the tobacco monopoly bureaux at all levels shall, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of reasonable local layout, examine the authenticity, legality, validity and completeness of the materials submitted by the applicants, and give opinions on whether to handle them, and submit them to the examiners for examination and approval。


The examiners of tobacco monopoly bureaux at all levels shall make a review in accordance with laws and regulations and the requirements of reasonable local layout, and make an examination and approval decision according to law within 20 working days from the date of acceptance。administered,The system will issue a notice of obtaining the license,The tobacco monopoly bureaux at all levels shall affix their special seals to the applicants before serving them,Apply for this as proof to collect the permit at the appropriate place;inadmissible,The tobacco Monopoly Bureau that makes the decision shall be responsible for delivering the Notice of No Administrative License stamped with the special seal to the applicant,And inform them that they have the right to apply for administrative reconsideration or bring administrative proceedings in accordance with law。

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