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Food and beverage hygiene permit

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For catering businesses, business license is necessary, in the relevant documents, food and beverage hygiene license is a very important one, which is not only the law, but also the responsibility for customer purchase。So, where is the food and beverage hygiene permit?What materials are needed??

Where is the food hygiene permit?What materials are needed?

Q: Where can I get the food hygiene permit?

Answer: To apply for a food and beverage hygiene license to the administrative department for industry and commerce of the district or county under the jurisdiction of the business to apply for registration or change registration。For the specific address query method, you can query the address of the business handled on the relevant official website。

Q: What materials are required for a food and beverage hygiene permit?

A: 1, food hygiene license application;

2. Qualification certificate of legal representative, owner or person in charge;

3, production and management site plan;

4, food practitioners health inspection and training certificate;

5. Preventive health audit materials for new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects;

6. Other information provided by laws, regulations and rules or required by the health administration department。

The relevant food and beverage hygiene license law stipulates:

Article 35 of the Food Safety Law The State applies a licensing system to food production and marketing。Anyone engaged in food production, food sales or catering services shall obtain a license according to law。However, the sale of edible agricultural products does not require a license。

Where is the food hygiene permit?What materials are needed??All catering businesses should conscientiously fulfill their legal obligations and do a good job of catering hygiene license with a responsible attitude towards buyers。Those who are not familiar with the process and materials can consult a good assistant online。

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