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Human resource license

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First check whether you are a staffing company or a headhunter?The qualifications required are not the same!The headhunting company needs the Human Resource Service License, and the dispatching company needs the Labor Dispatch Service License in addition to the Human Resource Service License.。

Here is the first to tell you about the requirements of the headhunter:

1, the registered capital needs to be 2 million, but also must be verified。Need to find an audit institution with capital verification qualifications to do capital verification report!

2, office interview at least 120 square meters (actual interview, not floor area) above。

3. At least 5 staff members with Level II Human resources certification are required。

4. You must pay social security。

5, every year must be annual inspection, annual inspection does not pass, will be revoked。

Meet these, you can go to the local human resources Social security Office or human resources security office to apply, qualified, issued a "human resources service license", if you want to do labor dispatch, then apply for a "labor dispatch service license" can!

With these, we can carry out business, pick up some state-owned enterprises and larger foreign enterprises。Generally cooperate with small companies, do not need this certificate, but you have to work with large companies, especially regular listed companies, must need this certificate!I can't even get a contract approved without it。

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