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Hainan company registration required materials

  • 01

    Company name(Region + name + Industry + type)

  • 02

    Registered address(Compliant registered address)

  • 03

    Company registration资本,经营年限,经营范围

  • 04

    公司Member information(Legal person, shareholder, supervisor)Copy of ID card

  • 05

    Shareholder holding比例

Fast registration 3 days to get the card

Hainan registered company handling process

  • 01.核名

  • 02.Net three certificate information

  • 03.Reservation file

  • 04.Issue a license

  • 04.Successfully handle

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Hainan company registration data

01A copy of the business license

02Articles of association

03Company seal and seal retention card

24 years of professional financial and tax services

Handle by oneself

  • 15-60 working days
  • Run by yourself
  • The extra charge has a catch
  • The process is repeated and the time is uncontrollable
  • The registration address threshold is high and the cost is high
  • Industry requirements vary in different regions

Good assistant management

  • 高效Three business days to get your license
  • 专业Professional team full service
  • 价格Fee disclosure and transparency
  • 进度Check your progress on your phone
  • 地址No address required to register
  • 覆盖National registration multi-industry registration

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Good Assistant Corporate Services LTD

Good Assistant Corporate Services Limited is a cross-regional company,Diversified development of group enterprises,It owns Good Assistant Industries,Good Assistant Business Good Assistant (China) Entrepreneurship Services and Beijing,深圳,新疆,Hainan and other molecular companies,Deep cultivation industry for nearly ten years,It has become a long-term trusted professional service organization of more than 10,000 + enterprises。Has been focused on engaging in internal (foreign) company establishment, financial and tax services, enterprise consulting, headquarters economic investment and other enterprise service projects。The group shoulders the mission of "to be a good assistant to the enterprise, so that there is no difficult enterprise in the world" and adheres to the working principle of "legal, standardized, serious and confidential" to provide customers with quality services of sustainable value-added enterprise wealth。

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