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Hainan company registration - Hainan bookkeeping agency

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With the gradual implementation of national policy support, Hainan, as an old special zone in China, has shown new business opportunities, and Hainan registered companies will become the choice of more and more customers and friends。Hainan Branch will be an important part of the Dennett Greater Bay Area members and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong branch mutual assistance progress。Guangzhou Sun Cong consultant learned that in the past 30 years, Hainan's main economic indicators have achieved tens or even hundreds of times of growth。According to data registered by Hainan companies, the service sector contributed 79 percent to economic growth in 2017.The Internet industry, the exhibition industry, the medical and health industry, the high-tech industry, and the education industry achieved double-digit growth。At present, Hainan is comprehensively upgrading the infrastructure of Boao and even the whole province, and deepening foreign exchanges by using international platforms such as the Boao Forum for Asia。Grasping the location advantage of the forefront of ASEAN, accelerating the promotion of an open economy, by continuously deepening friendly relations and cooperation with countries along the route and neighboring countries, Hainan promotes the creation of a pan-South China Sea economic cooperation circle, comprehensively deepening international cooperation in key industries and pilot innovative development of service trade。Dennett&Ricong Group has settled in Hainan Province to set up three new municipal points, the new promotion is in progress, welcome to inquire!

Hainan company registration points of attention

First, the choice of the main type of the company。In general, there are three main types of enterprises: sole proprietorship, partnership and company, of which company usually includes limited liability company and joint stock limited company, and now the most common and widely used form of enterprise organization in real economic activities is limited liability company。One of the most important reasons is that shareholders bear limited liability for the company's debts to the limit of their subscribed capital contribution。

Second, the registered capital should not be too large, the larger the registered capital of Hainan company represents the greater economic responsibility needed to bear, and on the other hand, when changing the registered capital, the capital increase will be much simpler than the capital reduction;But the registered capital should not be too small, too small customers may not be willing to cooperate with you。Therefore, when registering a company, we should consider the size of the registered capital according to our actual situation。

Third, the company name and trademark,A company's name should be carefully considered at the beginning of its registration,Companies in many industries need to apply for relevant industry qualifications or business licenses after obtaining business licenses,If you wait for these pre - or post-license documents to be processed before germinating the idea of changing the number,The company will pay a huge time and financial cost to put this idea into action。In addition, many companies often want the font size to match the logo。However, applying for an industrial and commercial business license does not mean registering a trademark,The company name is equivalent to a code name of a company within a region-wide business system,As far as the current registration method of Industry and Commerce Bureau is concerned,The same or similar font size,In the same industry within the jurisdiction of Hainan industrial and commercial registration can not exist at the same time,But in different industries or provinces in the same region,Then you can register the same or similar font size。Haikou company must check whether the name can apply for trademark registration in the industry field involved in the company before registration, if you can apply for trademark registration, then use the name, the company to obtain a business license and handle the seal at the same time for trademark registration application。

The fourth is the company's registered address。When choosing an office, it is best to choose an address that can invoice your rent for rental, because the monthly address rent is also a large part of the cost, and some businesses of the tax bureau may also require you to provide rent invoices at some time。It is best to use the address of the real estate certificate as the registered address of the company, even if it is a large commercial CBD, if there is no real estate certificate, when the registered company must find the local neighborhood committee or street office to issue address proof。Finally, entrepreneurs who do not want to rent an address for the time being can use address attached services, but be sure to choose a service like Dennett&Ricong Group such a regular and reliable agency company, to avoid the payment of money after acceptance can not pass and other problems。

Fifth, the Hainan company should make tax declarations on time after registration。After the Hainan company registered and got the license, it should go to the bank to issue the public account, and then go to the tax bureau for tax reports, and make tax declarations on time。If no tax returns have been made,When you want to do tax related matters in the later stage,Not only to make up for previously owed accounts, taxes and late fees,Fines may also be imposed,Revocation of license and other consequences,At the same time affect the legal person and shareholders of the credit!So after registering in Hainan company,Make sure you keep your books and file your taxes on time,Even if there is no taxable activity,Zero declaration is also required。You can also choose our bookkeeping service。

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