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What are the advantages of Hainan agency bookkeeping company?

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The advantages of agency bookkeeping companies

Compared with a person's part-time accounting, the advantages of the bookkeeping company are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, the engineering degree of service

Most of the part-time accounting people are just graduated from college without two years of college students or have long left the elderly accounting personnel,Both lack actual work experience and are unaware of taxation administration policies, regulations and tax returns for each region;The former despite working for many years,But they had spent years working in the manufacturing industries and regions he knew,It is not possible to obtain high-quality accounting services based on the current policy of the new tax administration and the specific situation of your company,In addition, age and physical pain also make them more than capable of accounting work centers。They can not give a company to show real commitment, reasonable financial and tax consulting。In addition, many part-time accountants had multiple companies at that time. Their limited energy and lack of professional skills and work experience made the accounting work unreasonable and caused the company to suffer losses, which prompted some companies to be punished for violating the policies and regulations of the State Administration of Taxation。

The agency bookkeeping company is an elite team of technical professionals with many years of accounting work experience。I am very aware of the policies and regulations of each district tax bureau, and the accounting staff has strong professional skills, serious and responsible, and can pay close attention to the changes in the current policies, which is usually not understood by an accountant part-time。

A person part-time accounting is all hand-made accounting, non-standard, very easy to error。And people all the implementation of financial accounting computerization accounting, the application of the original UFida financial software to make accounts for you, file format standards, service projects carefully。

Second, security measures

The company finds its own accountant (including a part-time accountant),If there is an individual act of tax evasion,Accountants are not responsible for all their own obligations,The damage must be borne by the business,Including penalties for late tax returns,And find people Yum accounting agency bookkeeping company can make relative requirements in the agency agreement,As a result, I also cause the customer tax penalties and other damages,We are responsible for the enterprise。Some enterprises are often penalized for violating accounting and tax requirements, and this situation is usually not easy to produce in our company's accounting agent。

As a technical professional bookkeeping company, people also assume the obligation of confidentiality for your company's information, all accounting books for the enterprise are stored by full-time personnel, and will never leak all the information content of the enterprise。

Laws and regulations of government departments

Article 36 of the Accounting Law expressly stipulates: "Where there is no set standard, it should be authorized to entrust a service project authorized to open a professional accounting agency bookkeeping business process to organize bookkeeping.。Regarding the standards of the agency bookkeeping organization, the business scope of the agency bookkeeping organization, the association of the agency bookkeeping organization and the trustee, the public ethics standards that the agency bookkeeping staff should follow, and other problems, the Interim Provisions of the Agency bookkeeping Management Method published by the Ministry of Finance have made practical requirements。

The "Interim Provisions on Agency Accounting Management Methods" promulgated by the Ministry of Finance shall come into force as of March 1, 2008,The regulations require "small and medium-sized economic development organizations that do not have standards for deploying professional financial personnel, and self-employed people who are supposed to build accounts.,Authorized accounting companies, accounting firms, or other social development service consulting organizations should be authorized to apply for accounting business processes in accordance with the requirements of this Method."。

In other words, according to the requirements of the "Accounting Law" of the Republic of China and the "Interim Provisions on the Management Method of Agency Bookkeeping" published by the Ministry of Finance, the company's application of personal accounting part-time to carry out accounting theme activities such as account entry and tax declaration is in violation of the regulations。

According to the above two policies and regulations: the company shall authorize the entrusted accounting company, accounting firm or other social development service consulting organization to apply for accounting business process。

Fourth, the level of enterprise operation development trend

The development trend of the company's operation is closely related to the company's accounting. The development trend and good operation of the company must be applied and consulted by the financial and accounting personnel with technical expertise. A good accountant can help the company prevent business risks and enjoy tax planning。This is very critical for the company, but a part-time accountant is not able to give the company all the technical professional assistance, let alone to prevent business risks, enjoy tax planning。Along with the development trend of market economy system,Government departments are gradually standardizing corporate financial accounting,And fully consider the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises,Formulated the Accounting System for Small Enterprises,For companies that meet the criteria,No accounting jobs can be created,Its financial work by qualified technical professional agency bookkeeping company agents

In general, the company's application of personal accounting part-time has a great risk and insecurity factor, which hinders all the normal operation and development trend of the company, and the application of personal accounting part-time also does not conform to the requirements of the Accounting Law and the Interim Provisions on the Management Method of agency accounting。Therefore, the company shall authorize and entrust the service project organization that is permitted to open the accounting agency bookkeeping business process。

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