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Agency bookkeeping for what company?Which enterprises need agency bookkeeping?

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The Interim Measures for the Administration of Agency Bookkeeping granted by the Ministry of Finance require that companies that do not have standards for the allocation of professional accountants and individual industrial and commercial households that should be building accounts are required,Authorized accounting companies, accounting firms or other social development service consulting organizations should be authorized to apply for financial accounting business processes in accordance with the requirements of this method。

According to the Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China, each enterprise shall establish a financial accounting organization according to the requirements of the financial accounting business process;Where there is no set standard, it should be authorized to authorize the establishment of intermediary services that are permitted to engage in financial accounting business processes。

So, which enterprises must be bookkeeping agent?

First, enterprise accounting is not the selection of agency bookkeeping, is that the enterprise is not equipped with the standard of professional accounting personnel, which should be made by the enterprise according to its own financial accounting business process must be independent decision。

Generally speaking, the size of the business scale of the enterprise, the speed of the economic development business process and financial disclosure level, the accounting provisions of operation management, etc., are the key elements of deciding whether the enterprise is configured with professional accounting personnel。

Enterprises with large scale of operation, many business processes of economic development, large amount of financial disclosure, and must operate data information anytime and anywhere should generally set up accounting organizations independently and allocate professional accounting personnel。

(3) Suitable bookkeeping enterprises should be small and medium-sized economic development institutions, and individual industrial and commercial businesses that should be accounting。

Generally, the status of registered capital, total sales, practitioners, and total assets is comprehensively distinguished。

From the specific situation, most of the economic development agencies authorized to keep accounts are small and medium-sized enterprises。

The individual industrial and commercial enterprises that are supposed to build accounts refer to the individual industrial and commercial enterprises that engage in safe production and have fixed and immobile manufacturing operations, and do not remove the responsibility of building accounts。

Fourth, enterprises in order to save the direct costs of enterprise staff will also choose agency bookkeeping,Because an enterprise is looking for a general accountant,The standard salary must be two or three thousand yuan a month,An accountant fresh out of college must be about $1,500,The accounting minimum is three or five thousand dollars,Advanced accounting, foreign trade accounting and foreign enterprise accounting fees are stronger。

And cooperate with accounting agency bookkeeping enterprises, pay not on the cost of a general accountant, you can enjoy higher quality, more technical professional financial and tax consulting, which is one of the key benefits of agency bookkeeping。

In general, the enterprise is based on the characteristics of the enterprise, the scale of operation, the manufacturing industry, the volume of freight, is not the service and customer regulations to choose the agency accounting。

Fifth, enterprises in order to reduce the additional burden of efficiency will also choose bookkeeping agents, enterprises hire accounting personnel, in addition to pay salaries, but also need to pay five insurance or comprehensive insurance, some enterprises also have to consider accommodation, welfare and so on。

After the implementation of the latest labor law, the personal social security provisions are more stringent, and there are various costs such as increased compensation, and the cost of staff continues to rise。

Hiring an agency bookkeeping company is not easy to have this problem, do not have to pay social security, and do not have to consider the benefits and other incidental expenses that will be generated such as compensation costs。

Sixth, enterprises in order to tax declaration more immediate and accurate will also choose agency bookkeeping。

Generally speaking, the enterprise financial accounting tax declaration such as disorderly declaration, understatement, late declaration, pay taxes。

Obligations such as late tax fees, penalties and property losses shall still be borne by enterprises。

If the selection of bookkeeping enterprises have full-time staff to approve tax returns, it can reasonably prevent disorderly reporting, underreporting, and late reporting due to lack of understanding of civil law

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