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Food hygiene permit

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When we go to restaurants, small restaurants, etc., to eat, we will first see if they have a food hygiene permit on the wall。People who want to open a hotel need to apply for a health permit first, but now people have a lot of doubts about where to go for a health permit。Today Xiaobian will tell you where to do the food hygiene permit。

Where to get a food hygiene permit

Any unit or individual engaged in food production or marketing activities shall report to the administrative department of public health and go through the procedures for applying for a hygiene license in accordance with relevant provisions.They may engage in food production or marketing activities only after examination and approval by the administrative department for public health, and bear the responsibility for food hygiene in food production or marketing。The administrative departments of public health of the local people's governments shall comply with these Measures and issue hygiene licenses to food producers or marketers。Food hygiene permits are issued at the local health bureau。

What information do I need to prepare for food hygiene license

1, the legal representative (or owner) and the person in charge of production and operation ID card copy;

2, the name of the unit (enterprise name approval or business license issued by the administrative department of industry and commerce), address, location diagram and contact telephone number;

3. Design review and acceptance documents of new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects by the health administration department;

4, the processing site (including the surrounding environment) layout and processing process flow chart and cleaning, disinfection and other health facilities, equipment list;

5. Food hygiene management organization, system and list of food hygiene administrators;

6, food production and marketing personnel health inspection certificate and health knowledge training certificate;

7. Processing water quality testing data (provided by self-provided water sources);

8. Other relevant information required by the administrative department of public health。

The premise of handling the food hygiene license is the need for their own restaurants, small restaurants and other food hygiene and safety。Handling food hygiene license is a lot of processes and a lot of information, it is recommended that if you want to do a health license to be clear about these processes and the information required for handling, if you do not know you can look at the above small series of recommendations。

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