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Hainan residential construction field qualification examination and approval fully implement two-dimensional code electronic license

Release time: 2020-09-18 Source: admin Number of views: 230

According to Hainan Daily client reporter Sun Hui correspondent Yang Zhou intern Li Dawu

Take out the mobile phone and scan the QR code, and a construction enterprise qualification certificate will be displayed on the mobile phone screen。"We often need to verify enterprise qualification documents for project bidding, and with such an electronic certificate, we do not need to carry a paper certificate, which is very convenient.。August 18, in Haikou Longhua District government service center, Haikou Baijiaxing construction engineering Technology Consulting Co., LTD., responsible person Liu Quanyong told reporters。

To further optimize the business environment,The provincial Department of Housing and Construction has combed through the certificates issued in the field of housing construction since 2018,Take the lead in the country to implement the full use of two-dimensional code electronic license in the field of housing construction,Enterprises and individuals engaged in bidding, construction and other related activities,You can no longer provide the original paper version,Enterprises can participate in the bidding or negotiation of multiple projects at the same time with the electronic license with the two-dimensional code。The types of electronic certificates cover survey, design, supervision, construction industry, real estate, engineering cost consulting, engineering quality testing, real estate valuation, drawing examination institutions, etc., and the data information of newly issued certificates can also be synchronously entered into our province's electronic certificates library in real time。

The electronic certificate realizes the seamless connection between the qualification examination and approval process and the certification process。The relevant person in charge of the provincial Department of Housing and Construction introduced that the certification process is the "last mile" of the enterprise to obtain the certificate, which needs to be completed within 10 working days after the completion of the approval office。Traditional paper certificates need to be printed and stamped by the certification staff to take effect, which costs the approval department a certain amount of time and manpower and material resources。The application of electronic certificates reduces the time for certification personnel to proofread and print certificates, and reduces the cost of purchasing paper certificates。

As of the end of July this year, the provincial Department of Housing and Construction issued 2,876 e-certificates of enterprises with two-dimensional code, according to the average certification time of 2 working days, compared with the legal certification time of 10 days, up to 2,3008 working days can be saved, and the approval process has accelerated significantly。

After the implementation of the two-dimensional code electronic certificate, enterprises do not need to queue up at the government affairs service center to declare enterprise qualifications, the electronic certificate will be automatically generated after the approval of the system, enterprises can log in to the system to print or download the electronic certificate。Electronic certificates have the same legal effect as paper certificates。Administrative supervision departments can verify relevant information of enterprises through information sharing and other means to truly realize "more information running, less errands for enterprises".。

Electronic licenses have also improved the efficiency of regulatory authorities' supervision of enterprises,In the supervision and management of enterprise contracting business, enterprise qualification licensing, project bidding and bidding, law enforcement supervision and inspection, completion acceptance filing and other aspects of the supervision work,The staff of the regulatory department need not repeatedly check the paper certificates provided by the enterprise,Just scan the QR code,You can easily obtain the information recorded in the enterprise e-certificate information, including the name, legal person, address, qualification type and level, and validity period of the enterprise。

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